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Conditions of the Pre-Online booking

The reserves are intended for groups that intend to, in advance, to ensure spot in Atlantic Cruises

Online reservations are only guaranteed under the following conditions:
  • Reservations 48 hours in advance, on weekdays (Monday to Friday);
  • The reservation is only confirmed after a call from Atlantic Cruises;
  • For shorter periods and during the weekend to use the phone to make your reservation;
1 Romantic Sunset 2 hours 200€
2 Romantic Lisboa - Oeiras 4 hours 390€
3 Romantic Lisboa - Cascais 6-8 hours 690€
4 Romantic Moonlight - 980€
5 Romantic Meal 6-8 hours 750€ (2 pessoas)


If you want to perform a pre-reservation, please fill in this form. We will contact you as soon as possible.