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All tours begin with a safety briefing in which we explain and demonstrate the rules and procedures on board. All the routes were designed in the tranquility and safety of the tour, taking advantage of the calm waters of our country. All boats have adjustable lifejackets for all passengers who wish to be on board with the lifejacket.

All of our vessels are certified by the competent Captaincies and IPTM and have the latest safety equipment including AIS locating system and VHF transmitters that ensure constant communications with other vessels and with the Coast Guard

The smallest vessel is 10 meters long which offers great stability and comfort in navigation. The boats are operated by experienced skippers and experienced sailors who will love to get to know you!

No need to have any experience to make our tours. The experience of the crew and robustness of the vessels offer a huge safety on board.

The courses are always conducted in calm waters that allow a very smooth navigation. With all the distractions, animation and breathtaking scenery, you will hardly feel any motion sickness on our tours.
If you are pregnant, or often suffer from nausea, you can always take a pill for motion sickness (including the board).

Our greatest commitment is to provide pleasantly unforgettable experiences. Whenever we predict that the meteorology does not meet the conditions to reach our commitment, CRUZEIROS ATLÂNTICO will be the first to offer the best alternative. 
The prices of the programs vary according to the duration, route, extras (meals, gifts, extras), number of people and, mainly, the type of boat. In order to have an affordable price list adapted to each situation, we offer two boats and locations ranging from 10-meter sailboats to the luxurious 12-meter sailboat.
The company CRUZEIROS ATLÂNTICO has a structure that allows the realisation of tours on the day of the reservation, as long as the boats are available. Depending on the time of year, we recommend booking between 2 days (Winter) and 7 days (Summer) prior.
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